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We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and providing them with the best representation, here are what a few previous clients have to say about Camara & Sibley. 

“Camara & Sibley LLP gives me the flexibility for creative and cost-effective fee structures while allowing me to maintain high-caliber legal representation.”

Adam Cox, Pendleton Capital, Inc.

“We were the first client when Joe and Kiwi started their firm in 2009. They’ve been our lawyers ever since.”

Henry Wu, I-10 Colony, Inc.

“If you want a lawyer who’s smart and gets things done, Joe Sibley is your man. Most law firms have the idea that four mediocre lawyers on a case somehow provides the client with a better experience, but what you really get is extra billable hours and litigation by committee. If you’re serious about winning, you want one brilliant legal mind who can see all the moving parts at once and take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Joe is that mind, and he’s mastered multiple areas of law to handle very complex cases with proficiency for us.”

Mometrix Media, LLC

“From international arbitrations to conventional state court litigation, they’re our go-to litigation firm.”

Kevin Colby, General Counsel, GOWell International, LLC

“We needed a lawyer who could be a street fighter and a chess player. We got what we needed when we found Joe.”

Justin Green, Trivium Test Prep Partners, Ltd.

“Joe Sibley has represented me personally as well as a few of my business entities. His legal representation was always with the highest integrity and great concern for an excellent outcome.”

Daniel Dror, American International Industries, Inc.

“There are good lawyers and great lawyers but ever so rarely, a one-of-a-kind lawyer shows himself. Joe combines dogged scholarship with both an ability to simplify the complex and to state his argument with the power and conviction of the obvious. Joe is both creative and honorable. I consider it a privilege to call him my lawyer.”

John C. Tatum, Jr., Dalpark Partners, Ltd.

“Joe Sibley is highly-skilled, smart, and tenacious, which led to an excellent outcome for us. We would not hesitate to retain him again and will recommend him to others.”

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